Old Age and Chiropractic Care

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People of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. In some countries, it is normal to include a chiropractor in the birthing team to provide necessary chiropractic care to the newly born. It is not uncommon for newly born babies to be born with musculoskeletal disorders. Many children are receiving chiropractic care. To a large extent, this is the due to their parents’ decision to bring them to the chiropractor for examination and care. These adults, usually, are recipients of the effective chiropractic care themselves and are convinced of chiropractic’s benefits even for young children.

The advantages chiropractic care brings extend to the the seniors. The interest of the elderly are, in fact, one of the chiropractic profession’s priorities.

Chiropractic Care for Seniors

What are the outstanding benefits the seniors stand to gain from chiropractic care? A lot, and here they are:

  • Relief from Pain. One of the most effective and safest options available for pain relief is chiropractic treatment. Many cases of back pain, the most common complaint of seniors, especially, are normally traced to the disorders of the spine and the surrounding tissues. Spinal adjustments performed by chiropractic doctors, which are aimed at correcting subluxations or alignment problems in the spine, are very effective in significantly relieving pain and perhaps eliminating it.

The medications commonly prescribed by medical doctors for pain offer only temporary and short relief and does not address the underlying cause of the problem.

  • Increased Range of Motion. The increased range of motion of the spine and in the extremities is another great benefit chiropractic adjustments will give the seniors. This will allow them to bend, move and enjoy playing with their grandchildren better. It will also give them the opportunity to try some physical activities or sports they are unable to enjoy previously with their back conditions.
  • Decreased Degeneration of the Spine. With aging comes the normal deterioration of body parts. Subluxations of the spine is one of the more common conditions seen in the elderly, most specially. Regular chiropractic alignments is advised for people of all ages, and even more for the seniors. N ormalizing the spinal alignment and reducing the stress in the spine can decrease degeneration of the spine.
  • Improved Balance and Coordination. Degeneration or injury in the cervical spine located in the neck region leads to problems in balance and coordination among the aging population. With aging, the mechanoreceptors in the cervical joints, which provide inputs on the position of the head relative to the body is impaired. This condition results to loss of balance and coordination in the movement of the body.

Chiropractic care can stimulate the mechanoreceptors in the cervical spine, helping to restore balance and coordination.

  • Prevents Incidence of Falling. According to a study, falls constitute 90% of the cause of the more than 0.8 million cases of bone fractures in Americans older than 65 years. Through chiropractic adjustments of the spine, particularly in the cervical area, the mechanoreceptors are normalized and its functions restored. Stretching and physical exercises to improve strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination are also incorporated in the administration of the chiropractic care.

There is more to chiropractic care than just pain relief. What is more important is the overall benefits it brings to the senior citizens to allow them to stay healthy, feel good, do the activities that make them happy and enjoy life.